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A single point of access for survivors of abuse trauma, In Bloom provides info & resources about rape, sexual abuse, domestic violence, dissociative identity disorder, substance abuse, eating disorders, child abuse, incest & self harming.



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~about seeking treatment & therapy~
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"How NOT to Choose a Therapist
By Dr Kevin Grold of 1-800-therapist.com.

So YouWanna Choose a Therapist?
This article discusses the different types of therapists, how to choose one and what to expect in your first meeting.

Therapy and Getting Help Article Library
The non-profit site relationship911.com offers articles to help people choose mental health professionals and therapists that are right for them.

Healing and Thriving After Trauma
Anne Dietrich's wonderful site covers choosing a trauma therapist, practice & ethical guidelines, & supportive resources.

Solutions for individual and family problems in everyday language. Provides current psychotherapy ideas and practices so people can solve their mental health problems and find professional counseling resources.

Could Counselling Help?
A UK site with information on different types of counselling and psychotherapy, how they work, FAQs, common issues including anxiety and depression, and online tests. Offers information on:
Depression, Anxiety, Medication, Change, Loss and Grief and Personal Development.

Also information about the process of choosing a therapist and details about different types of therapy available and how they work. There is also a useful 'Frequently Asked Questions' section, lots of information pages on common issues and you can take an on-line test for Anxiety or Depression.

Counseling Approaches
Written by Dr. Daniel Baney, an ordained United Methodist minister and licensed psychologist, this article examines what to look for in a choosing a counselor.

Provides educational materials on mental health and psychotherapy, including diagnostic criteria, descriptions of different therapeutic approaches, an extensive bibliography, discussion and support groups, and book reviews.

Mental Health Information
A collection essays about the decision to obtain therapy and how to select a therapist.

General resource for counseling and psychotherapy. Includes FAQs staffed by professionals and information on how to find a qualified mental health counselor.

@Health: Mental Health
Mental health information, directory of psychiatrists, psychologists, counselors, social workers, and therapists, treatment facilities, self-help resources & more.

Mental Health Matters
Information and resources about mental health issues for consumers, professionals, students and supporters.

Mental Health Works
Resources for mental health in the workplace.

Finding a Cognitive Therapist
The Certified Cognitive Therapists within these pages are members of the Academy of Cognitive Therapy who have indicated a willingness to be contacted for their cognitive therapy services.

Alternative Mental Health
Alternative Mental Health.com is a guide to alternative mental health(non-psychiatric, health-oriented). The site features a directory of practitioners.

~online sites & services~

Therapist Finder.net
A directory of counselors, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Social Workers, Family Counselors, and more, specializing in everything from anxiety disorders to weight loss.

TherapistFinder.net also features articles, news, and info about mental health and disability issues. Visit the interactive glossary of Mental Health & Disability Terms for a quick overview of a mental health topic or browse through the Mental Health Journal for in-depth articles covering a variety of mental health topics.

Therapists Unlimited
This is a national directory of centers and counseling services for those seeking help with family and marriage counseling, or treatment for substance abuse, mental and physical disorders, and more. It includes listings for therapists, drug rehabs, counseling centers, non-profit orgs and more. The listings in this directory are broken down by state and then by city and provide Information about the services offered by each organization.

Find-a-Therapist is the leading Web based provider of services for mental health professionals and their clients. They offer online counseling from mental health professionals via secure e-mail, private chats, and telephone. They have a link to click for a private online session with a therapist. Their directory locates Therapists, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Treatment Programs, Coaches, Elder Care Professionals and more. There's also advanced search features to find a therapist by zip code, area code, city, state and a variety of concerns/keywords.

Psychology Today's listing of professional therapists
Detailed listings for psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists and counselors are available throughout the United States.

~some of the techniques for treatment~

About Psychotherapy
Information explaining what psychotherapy is, how it works, why it works, what should happen there, why go, when to stop, how to find and choose a therapist.

RealMentalHealth: Types of Therapy
Real Mental Health.com offers descriptions of a pretty full spectrum of therapy techniques in common practice.

~about EMDR~
A Brief Description of EMDR - EMDR Institute, Inc.

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)
EMDR Portal
Gateway to information, resources, links, and tools for therapists using EMDR in therapy.

About EMDR
What EMDR is, how it is done, and a guess as to why it works.

EMDR International Association
There is information here about training in EMDR, non-profit legal issues, and the benefits of EMDRIA membership.

EMDR HAP - Homepage
A nonprofit organization committed to relieving human suffering and breaking the cycle of violence.


EMDR Therapy for Trauma?
Candid patient ratings of EMDREye Movement Desensitization.www.remedyfind.com

EMDR - Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing
Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) is a specialized form of psychotherapy for treating PTSD and symptoms like depression.

EMDR Therapy
Offers information on how EMDR therapy effectively treats PTSD, anxiety disorders, and depression. Find EMDR therapists, information, articles, books, research, and links.

EMDR Therapy - help for anxiety, stress, abuse, trauma, PTSD
EMDR Therapy for relief from emotional issues: trauma, abuse, anger, guilt, grief,anxiety, depression, abandonment, pain, obsessions, addictive urges.

~cognitive behavioral therapy~

Academy of Cognitive Therapy
The Academy certifies clinicians skilled in cognitive therapy, and is a resource for professionals and the public.

National Association of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy
NACBT's site focuses on the advantages of evidence-based therapy, and includes information for professionals & the public.

Cognitive Behavior Therapy
CBT is a "preferred treatment" for variouis emotional and behavioral problems: information here for professionals & public.

Anxiety Therapy: Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
Anxiety Disorders have been shown to respond best to cognitive-behavioral therapy. Success rates over anxiety are very high.
Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavior Therapy
MUSC's site includes specific instructions for various components, and streaming-video demonstrations, of the therapy.
cognitive therapy for depression
Information about cognitive therapy for the treatment of depression.

Cognitive Therapy for Depression and Anxiety
Cognitive therapy has been proven to be effective to treat depression and anxiety.

Cognitive-behavior therapy for PTSD in rape survivors.
In recent years, new data have appeared, further suggesting the utility of cognitive-behavioral

RemedyFind: patient ratings of Psychotherapy: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Does Psychotherapy: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) work for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)? Patient ratings of effectiveness, side effects, cost.

SAMHSA Model Programs: Info on Model Programs
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Child Sexual Abuse (CBT-CSA) is a treatment approach designed to help children and adolescents who have suffered sexual

Cognitive Behavior Therapy as a Treatment for Body Image Issues
Brief overview of a report by Vanderbilt University's psychology department, exploring cognitive behavior therapy as treatment for body image

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: CBT
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a brief form of psychotherapy used in the treatment of adults and children with depression.

Cognitive-Behavioral Treatment of Rape- and War-Related Trauma
Treating the trauma of rape: Cognitive-behavioral therapy for PTSD.Cognitive-behavior therapy vs exposure therapy in the treatment of PTSD in refugees.

OCD ONLINE - Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Success Stories.

What is Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy For OCD?
Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Schizophrenia: A Review.
Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) has a proven role as an adjunct to antipsychotic medication and remediative approaches such as social skills training

NIDAA Cognitive-Behavioral Approach to Drug Abuse
Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy: An Overview · Why CBT? Components of CBT · Parameters of CBT · Active Ingredients of CBT · CBT Compared to Other Treatments.

An Introduction to Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy - CBT
Cognitive-behavioral therapy - also known as CBT - is often recommended for the treatment of anxiety disorders. CBT is a combination of cognitive therapy,

~ somatic psychotherapy~

The Limits of Talk
Psychotherapy Networker article on Bessel van der Kolk & somatic awareness approaches for trauma treatment.

The Bodymap
This article describes a format for analyzing psychological information stored in muscles.

Psychological Muscle Functions
Chart summarizes individual psychological muscle functions, as taught in Bodynamic trainings.

Character Structures Chart
Chart summarizes seven Bodynamic character structures, compares with Freud & Erikson.

Rosen Method
Marion Rosen's method of bodywork and movement exercise encourages release of habitual tension or old patterns.

Complete Guide to the Alexander Technique
Site offers systematic guide to all Alexander Technique information and resources.

~energy approaches~

Psych Innovations
Bob Yourell's site offers hypertext articles on psychotherapy and human potential for public & professionals.

Thought Field Therapy
Homepage for Roger Callahan's TFT Techniques, including brief descriptions and training information.

Extensive Emotional Freedom Technique website.

Energy Psychology & Psychotherapy
Dr. Fred Gallo's website describes his writings and seminars in energy psychology.

Thought Energy Synchronization Therapies
Dr Greg Nicosia's TEST Dx website includes a FAQ, resources, and a calendar of trainings.

Emotional Clearing
Emoclear is a self-help website for gaining emotional clarity, and for trauma clearing.

Guided Self Healing
Describes his energy-based healing process, using applied kinesiology.

Emotional Relief
Promises the latest energy therapy techniques for rapid relief of trauma and stress.

~alternative, non-traditional & eastern medicine~

Conscious Embodiment
Conscious Embodiment allows one to unify the energy of the body and thus learn to trust our sensations.

Mindfullness and how it can be used in recovering from child abuse.

T'ai Chi
Description of T'ai Chi movements; includes brief article on T'ai Chi and recovery from stress.

Internat'l Center for Reiki Training
Reiki is a technique for stress reduction and relaxation. Site includes articles and a training schedule.

Institute of Transpersonal Psychology
Transpersonal psychology connects psychology and spirituality.The Institute offers courses.

Virtual Library
Homepage of Charles Tart: articles on transcendant experiences, transpersonal psychology & consciousness.

Natural Psychotherapy
An site offering an alternative approach of medication-free therapy.

Our Emotional Minds
Discusses a therapeutic approach aclled Clinical Affectology and af-x Therapy, aimed at resolving depression, anxiety, stress, and psychosomatic symptoms.

Resource Center for Freedom of Mind
Helping victims of mind control. Defines a cult - stating not all are religion based. Links to cult awareness groups and resources.

The TARA Approach
Site describes Stephanie Mines' holistic system for awakening from shock and trauma.

Zapchen Somatics
Julie Henderson's Zapchen Somatics, combining somatics and Buddhism, is a direct approach to embodying well-being.

Bioenergetics is a way of understanding personality in terms of the body and its energies.

Non-Mainstream Psychotherapy Resources
An index of links to sites about non-traditional counseling, therapy, and self-healing.

Tapas Acupressure Technique
Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, TAT allows energy to be processed by the body-mind system.

~dialectical behavioral therapy~

DBT for Treating PTSD, Substance Abuse & More

What Is Dialectical Behavioral Therapy?

What is DBT?

Mental Help Net - Psychotherapy - Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)

Advances in Treatment

DBT Has Longer-Term Efficacy

cognitive therapy associates: DBT

Dialectical Behavior Therapy for Depressed Older Adults

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

DBT Psychotherapy Network: Who we are

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy

An Overview of Dialectical Behaviour Therapy in the Treatment of Borderline Personality Disorder.

What Is DBT
Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) has been adapted as a treatment for other complex disorders.

Dialectical behavioral therapy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
There are two essential parts of the treatment, and without either of these parts the therapy is not considered "DBT adherent."

~sites that focus on mental health~

InteliHealth: Mental Health
InteliHealth - Featuring Harvard Medical School's consumer health information. Breaking health news and updates on the most important and intriguing stories.

International Society for Mental Health Online
The international Internet mental health organization for professionals and consumers.

Ask The Doctor: The Mental Health Forum at Med Help
Interactive medical question and answer format about all aspects of mental health. Patient question is replied to by online doctors from HFHS.

Mental Health: familydoctor.org
Information about emotional health from the American Academy of Family Physicians.

Mental Health Net
Offering resources in self-help, psychology, and mental health.

Mental Health and Disorders
A free collection of articles about mental health and disorders published in The New York Times.

Internet Mental Health
The 52 most common mental disorders, medications, news, recovery stories, links.

Healthy Place.com

Discovery Health Mental Health Center

MedlinePlus: Mental Health
Search MEDLINE/PubMed for recent research articles on mental health.

Mental Health Resources for Consumers and Professionals
Mental health resources from all over the Net along with regular original features from about.com.

National Mental Health Information Center. Mental illness facts, mental health services, health tips.

National Institute of Mental Health
This public section offers information from NIMH about the symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of mental illnesses. Included are brochures and information.

Mental Wellness
News and information on mental health issues, the history of mental illness understanding and treatment, basic facts about various mental illnesses.

WebMD Mental Health Center
Consumer health information on mental health, written and reviewed by WebMD doctors.

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    Health information from the National Library of Medicine. Easy access to Medline and Health topics, medical dictionaries, directories and publications.
    Medline Plus en Espanol
    MedlinePlus Información de Salud de la Biblioteca Nacional de Medicina.
    Health information for the whole family.
    Médico de Familia
    Panfletos informativos sobre enfermedades y consejos de salud dirigidos a la familia por la Academia Americana de Médicos Familiares.
    The leading source for trustworthy and timely and credible health news and information.
    healthfinder® is a free guide to reliable health information, by the US Department of Health and Human Services.
    español - healthfinder®
    healthfinder® - Un servicio del centro de información nacional de la salud, departamento de los Estados Unidos de la salud.
    NIMH: Mental Health Topics
    A service of the National Library of Medicine, provides health information from NIH and outside organizations.
    NIMH Publicaciones en Español
    Información mental de la salud de NIMH.
    Mental Health Resource Center
    National Mental Health Association’s information and referral center serves people seeking mental health information for themselves, family members or friends.
    Mental Health Matters
    Information and resources about mental health issues for consumers, professionals, students and supporters.

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